Tuesday, December 06, 2005

respecting your audience

cocorosie @ bios, athens, 05.xii.2005

since my friend t. has been swearing by them these past few months, i was all go for this. we could of course discuss their music till kingdom come (and this would probably have to include an effort at distinguishing between childlike and childish). but my point right now is: if you appear onstage 2 (two) hours later than scheduled, and do not so much as offer an apology -and if, when someone, after the third song, shouts: "nice, but where's the apology?", all you can do is look disdainfully askance towards the crowd-, how much respect for your audience does this indicate? none, in my book. and you only get as much respect as you show - in the long term. in the short term, the athens audience certainly deserved what they got, since they were content to shout abuse and boo when the group was offstage, then forgot and forgave, and ravingly applauded. thumbs down [and i'm not referring to the frantic gesturing between stage and sound control desk].


Blogger heimkurst said...

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06 December, 2005 16:10  
Blogger heimkurst said...

just gimme 5!

06 December, 2005 16:14  
Blogger m.hulot said...

auti einai pagia taktiki tou bios, profanos gia na vgaloun kati ap ta pota, den einai dynaton na xekinaei soundcheck. stis 12.00! apo ta atoma pou synantisa ekei xthes [kai itan toulaxiston 15] mono 3 antexan os to telos. kai oi perissoteroi den theloun na xanakousoun gia bios. gia na doume pos tha tous xanamazepsoun...

06 December, 2005 17:24  
Blogger heimkurst said...

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06 December, 2005 17:48  
Blogger heimkurst said...

μα αυτό ακριβώς μου αρέσει εδώ. το ότι αναφέρεται κάτι για το φυσιολογικό (θα δεις, εννοείται θα υπάρξει κι επόμενη) των κοσμοσυρροών. ας μη γίνω και πολύ κακός, αλλά.. εχμμ..
εν ολίγοις, "..the athens audience certainly deserved what they got..".
κι εγώ άθενς όντιενς είμαι βεβαίως βεβαίως.
ola kala.
καλή καρδιά.

06 December, 2005 17:51  
Blogger sensualmonk said...

hk: εννοείς ότι θα προτιμούσες 5 ώρες καθυστέρησης;! ;-)

m.hulot: όπως και νά ΄χει, το ρημαδοκοινό δικαιούται μια έκφραση συγγνώμης, είτε από τις καλλιτέχνιδες (που ήσαν οι άμεσες οικοδέσποινές του, ως προς την συναυλία), είτε από τους υπεύθυνους του χώρου.

κατά τα λοιπά: vote with your feet [and your wallet]

[igorinm: ό εστί μεθερμηνευόμενον: ignore me :-)]

07 December, 2005 11:42  

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