Wednesday, November 16, 2005

κάνε τη ζήλεια σου έμπνευση

[κατά το "κάνε το δάκρυ σου χαρά" - με την μαίρη λίντα, εννοείται!]

robert lepage - the dragon's trilogy

[last seen -by some lucky bastards!- in manchester, 11-13.xi.2005]:

"robert lepage [που τον πρωτοείδαμε -ως ηθοποιό το 1989- στον ιησού του μονρεάλ του ντενύ αρκάν] is probably the greatest theatrical visionary in the world today and this legendary production, first seen in the uk in 1987, and then again in 1991, is the masterpiece that established his reputation. spanning seventy-five years, seven time zones, six hours and three intermissions, this epic performance conjures up an orient invented in the minds of two young girls. characters emerge, vanish and reappear like an extended network of roads and rail tracks – their stories played out through the symbolism and colour of the dragons in a game of mah jong. this unmissable masterpiece, from lepage’s own production company, is a once in a lifetime experience."

μήπως μας ακούει ο κ. λούκος;


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